вторник, 10 августа 2010 г.


Valume? You may easily mistake it for volume... By the way, using the correct name of a drug, you get the best results while searching the Web for it. And you get them quickest. Really, just try typing "valume" in the Google's Search box, and what will you see?

The first few resources will be for "volume" (yes, they try to correct your misspelling), and you will know that "Volume is how much three-dimensional space a substance (solid, liquid, gas, or plasma) or shape occupies or contains" and even "Volume is an independent quarterly magazine that sets the agenda for architecture and design"! But you have been trying to get a slleping pill, haven't you? You do not need any "volumes", you insist on VALUME!.. OK, let's go on.

"...Valume Nob are a metalcore band consisting of a number of veteran musicians who have been in some of New Orleans' heaviest underground bands", "Welcome to the Facebook Community Page about Valume Nob, a collection of shared knowledge concerning Valume Nob"... Perhaps, you are a heavy metal rock fan? No? Well...

"is there anyone know how to add system valume in c#? i can't find the option for it" To say the truth, we can't either.

The problem is that we need a drug which fights insomnia, and its generic name is Diazepam. What about the brand? On page three of Google Search we come across a link which offers us "valume pills for stress valium vs xanax vs klonopin valium for dogs ... valum valium virginia low valium valium xanax yellow valium pill wikipedia valium ..." Oh, dear! Don't you think that it looks rather strange and the text seems to be a perfect bullshit? It will almost lead you into hands of some crooks. Just because you have used a wrong spelling of
! Isn't it a pity?

суббота, 24 апреля 2010 г.


According to our investigation, when searching for this drug online, every sixth person makes a little mistake in spelling the name. Only one single vowel in the middle can make the spelling wrong. And, as it often happens when some sounds are alike, one may have real trouble choosing between "a" and "o" (again!). Trazadone or Trazodone? Both are possible in terms of pure writing. But when it comes to disease treatment, don't you think it is better have something genuine instead of dubious? Of course, you don't need any persuading. Trazadone is WRONG, Trazodone is RIGHT. To be most precise, "Trazadone" is, in fact, Trazodone hydrochloride, an antidepressant, also marketed as name brand Desyrel. By the way, can you spell the last name correctly? ;)

четверг, 4 марта 2010 г.

Watson 755? No! Watson 795

And again, we have a pill that is slightly damaged and a pair of digits that may look alike. These digits are "5" and "9". Really, if a "9" is a little scratched in the upper right, it may seem to be a "5". This may mislead you into searching for a "Watson 755" pill which, actually, cannot be found. Instead, there is another pill, indexed Watson 795, and it does really exist! It is generic Bentanyl (Dicyclomine) distributed by Watson Pharmaceuticals. The medication is used to treat IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), or cramps and spasms inside the belly. No big problem if you mistakenly try to find a "Watson 755" as nothing dangerous is hidden under this index. You will only waste your time. In order not to be tricked into a false search, just keep in mind that there are letters and numbers which may look similar...

среда, 6 января 2010 г.


One more misspelling variation of a popular medication. Incredibly beautiful! Unbelievaly harmonious! All the letters are doubled. The word can be divided into two equal halves. The doubled consonant in the middle mirrors one half of the word in the other. The word can still be read backwards without any changing. So comforting, so calming you down, so anxiety-relieving... So dangerous if you purchase a pack of it as it is almost certainly faked! It is Xannax, and the extra 'n' in the middle makes it very dubious.

пятница, 25 декабря 2009 г.


The other misspelling of Darvocet differs from the right name in only one letter. And this letter is "a" which changes the drug's name into Darvacet. The point is perhaps in difficulties people experience while trying to write the name by ear, as it is may not be easy to make out the vowel in the middle. And again, it is no problem until it comes to buying the medication. Be careful not to get a fake product which name is written in a slightly different way. The word Darvacet is different from Darvocet in a single letter, but a faked medication called Darvacet can differ from genuine Darvocet drastically.

пятница, 18 декабря 2009 г.

Darvocet-N 100 or Darvocet N-100?

In fact, does it really matter? In both cases a mixture of acetaminophen 650 mg and propoxyphene napsylate 100 mg is meant. Just to be more precise, let us determine that the letter 'N' in the drug's name corresponds to napsylate salt of propoxyphene in Darvocet, which is different from the formulation with hydrochloride salt of propoxyphene. As a result, we get a special formula of Darvocet-N, a drug with special features and effects different from "common" Darvocet. The number '100' corresponds to 100 mg of propoxyphene napsylate, but the letter 'N' seems to be of more importance in this case. This 'N' turns ''regular'' Darvocet into ''special'' Darvocet-N. So, let us spell the drug's name in the right way: Darvocet-N 100.

вторник, 1 декабря 2009 г.


They say, English spelling is very difficult. Perhaps they are right. There are languages that let you write as you hear. Or almost as you hear. E.g. in Italian nearly every letter corresponds with its own sound. Little variations do not make lives of the Italians more complicated. In English there are sounds that require different letters in different words. And there may be found letters that sound differently in different positions, too. "A" and "e" may sound the same. Probably because of this some people write the name of Diazepam changing the "a" in the middle of it for "e" which sounds the same for them. As a result, we have one more misspelling of Diazepam medication - Diazapam.